Breast lumps? Cancer or Not?

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According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, among all causes of death of women worldwide, breast cancer occupies a percentage of one in five. This is a fantastic percentage! From year to year, many surveys show an increasing number of breast cancer sufferers as well as a greater trend of this deadly disease in young people. This is an alarming development.

People at high risk
Family history of cancer is a major risk factor for breast cancer. This refers to first-degree relatives with breast cancer patients, such as mothers, daughters, and sisters. Abnormal menstruation: too early menstruation (age <12 years), late menopause (age> 55years). Unmarried women, have no children children, give birth in old age, never breastfeeding. Women who have been exposed to high radiation in the chest. The woman who injects the hormone estrogen in the long run. Women who consume alcohol in the long run.

However, not all women with these factors are confirmed breast cancer, therefore, prevention of breast cancer, early detection, early diagnosis, and of course early treatment are important points for healing.

Early symptoms
The most common symptom in breast cancer patients is a lump or cyst. In fact, many women will find breast lumps, and 90% of the lumps are benign tumors. If the lump is not accompanied by pain, hard texture, and irregular, then the risks faced tend to be greater. Sometimes, some lumps will feel soft, smooth, and even painful. If you experience these things then immediately go to the doctor.

Several inspection methods

  1. X-ray
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Breast thermography
  4. CT scan
  5. Tumor Marker
  6. Biopsy

The treatment
Most of breast cancer patients will choose surgical removal methods, but surgery has major side effects, scars that are at risk of infection, and are often not completely cleansed of cancer cells.

Chemoradiotherapy is a method of post-operative treatment support, but it has some side effects, that the method has implications on killing normal cells, lowering the immune system in the body, so it can facilitate cancer cells to regenerate.

With improved quality of life, several significant breakthroughs have been introduced, one of which is the so-called Cryosurgery. This is a method of freezing and warming the tumor mass with the aim of killing the cancer cells in it. In principle, this therapy is an ablation therapy where the argon gas is released into the cancer tissue until it freezes with a temperature of -120 ? to -180 ?. When the cancer tissue is in freezing condition, then it will experience so-called lack of blood and oxygen. In a certain time period, the frozen tissue will be heated by “injection” of helium gas so that the temperature rise to reach about 40 ?. The cancer network will be destroyed after freezing and heating in a short time. The effectiveness of this method is considered large enough and the most important is that this method can be controlled with considerable accuracy.

No matter what type of treatment is taken, vigilance is paramount. If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, contact your doctor immediately!

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