Foods That Can Cause Bloating

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Digestive system problems often occur, because the digestive system is a gathering place for all the food and drinks we consume before they are digested and the nutrients and vitamins in these foods will be distributed to all organs in the body. So it is not surprising that digestive problems are one of the diseases that we often experience. Starting from the wrong consumption pattern to how to eat the wrong food is a contributing factor. One of the digestive system problems is flatulence, where there is a lot of gas in the stomach which makes the stomach feel uncomfortable. In addition, flatulence also triggers acid reflux if not treated immediately.

The cause of flatulence is due to the type of food that the city consumes contain lots of substances that can produce excess gas in the stomach. So that eating these foods will make the levels of gad in the stomach accumulate and the stomach feels very uncomfortable. And even in the condition of flatulence, it is often accompanied by feelings of pain, heartburn, nausea and even vomiting. There are various types of food that can cause flatulence if consumed uncontrollably and at the wrong time. although it is not a dangerous digestive disorder, flatulence can also lead to other diseases of the stomach that can interfere with our daily activities.

We can indeed do avoid foods that cause flatulence, but not everyone knows what types of food can actually cause flatulence. Especially now that all types of fast and instant food are popular foods, apart from offering a good taste, fast food is also more practical to process. And here are foods that can cause flatulence.

  1. Soft Drink
    Some people may have tried to get rid of bloating by consuming soft drinks, with the aim that the gas content in it can lure gas in the stomach out. But it turns out that consuming large amounts of soft drinks sometimes actually makes the gas content in this drink trapped in digestion and difficult to get out. And as a result, the gas buildup in the stomach will make the stomach feel bloated and uncomfortable. So you should avoid consuming large amounts of soft drinks, apart from causing flatulence, soft drinks are also very bad for health, one of which is because the artificial sweetener content in them can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels in the body.
  2. Dairy Products
    Milk does contain many vitamins that are good for the body, the content of protein, calcium and other nutrients in it can nourish the body. However, some people are not recommended to consume this drink, this is because the lactose content in milk products can irritate the digestive system. Lactose, which is the sugar level in milk, can trigger flatulence, gas and can trigger feelings of mules and even diarrhea. However, for people who do not have problems with lactose, you can still consume milk because it is very good for the body. And for those of you who have problems with lactose, you can replace milk with milk products that don’t contain too much lactose in them such as soy milk, yogurt and so on.
  3. Fast Food
    We cannot deny that fast food does offer good taste and fast processing. However, it turns out that fast food contains high levels of fat which is not the same as fat in ordinary foods. These fats make the digestive system require a long digestive process, so the deposition of saturated fatty acids in fast food can trigger flatulence and disorders of the digestive system. So it’s best to keep the digestive system healthy, avoid eating fast food, especially those processed by frying it.
  4. Foods with Artificial Sweeteners
    Foods that are low in sugar are highly recommended for consumption in order to normalize blood sugar levels, but not infrequently these low-sugar foods actually use artificial sweeteners. Foods or drinks that contain artificial sweeteners will trigger flatulence and experience digestive problems if consumed in large quantities. So you should avoid foods with artificial sweeteners and keep eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits that are rich in nutrients and fiber in them. So that these foods will nourish the body and improve the digestive system.
  5. Gas-Containing Vegetables
    It turns out that not all types of vegetables can be consumed by us and avoid digestive problems. However, there are some vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and sprouts that contain fodmap which can produce gas in the stomach. Even though these vegetables are rich in vitamin C, iron and other nutrients, consuming them can lead to flatulence problems due to the gadgets they contain. Even so, you still continue to eat this vegetable, but with a dose and amount that is not excessive.

That was our review on this occasion regarding Foods That Can Cause Bloating < / a>. And when you experience digestive problems, you should immediately do an examination to overcome and cure your indigestion. Because with a smooth digestive system, all the nutrients and vitamins contained in the food and drinks we consume can be channeled perfectly to all other organs of the body. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful and can add to our insight, especially for those of you who like to eat a lot of food. Greetings always healthy!

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