Prevent Cancer from Your Surroundings!

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When discussing the causing factors of cancer, many people will immediately think about genetic factors, environment, and poor diet. But few people realize that one of the main factors is everyday life. Experts of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou say that everyday habit is one cause of cancer, that’s a thing that can not be ignored.
  • Clothing (Apparel)
    A Consumer Association once investigated a number of clothing brands, 36% of new clothes contain formaldehyde (formalin) that can fade. When buying new clothes, no matter what type it is, all should be washed first. The reason lies on the fact that the processes of sewing and coloring will leave many harmful substances, which if exposed to the skin, they can cause allergies, itching, dermatitis, and various other skin problems, including cancer.

    In addition to the explanation above, wearing clothes that tend to be tight could press the skin and affect blood circulation in the skin, causing problems of sweating secretions. For women, wearing tight underwear is not recommended as it raises the breast cancer risk and the most common type, melanoma cancer. The scientists found that there is a strong relation between tight clothes (including underwear) combined with sun exposing with the growth of cancer cells.

  • Foods
    Of all the elements found in foods, fat is most closely related to cancer, especially colon and stomach cancer. Therefore, we should reduce the intake of fatty foods, such as replacing fatty meats with soybeans and choosing low-fat milk. Avoid foods that contain high flavor or content of fat, salt, or sugar. This type of food is most preferred by cancer. Try to consume “fresh foods”, such as whole grains. Eating slowly can also reduce the risk of stomach cancer. The key is balance because everything that is excessive will be bad.
  • The Two Compounds; Benzene and Formaldehyde
    Surveys show that benzene and formaldehyde are two types of indoor substances that cause cancer; Benzene is commonly present on wall paint, it takes 1-2 months for the gas to evaporate; Whereas Formaldehyde is commonly found in home furnishings, it usually takes up to 10 years to remove this content. When buying furniture, choose the ones that don’t have too stinging smell.
  • Daily activities
    Every day, after eating, get used to do walking / jogging for 30 minutes, this way can effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer. If you are used to do walking/jogging for 1 hour, you can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer to 50%. Because when walking, sweating out can remove toxins in the body, and reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, exposed to sunlight while jogging can also increase the intake of Vitamin D into the body, which can reduce the risk of colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and stomach cancer. However, do not do this activity during the day, because it can cause skin cancer.

We hope this short article can give you an insight about the importance of “watching your surroundings” to the cancer prevention.

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