Proper Breastfeeding – Position and Cuddle

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Breast milk is very important for your baby and breastfeeding is a natural way to feed your baby. Then how to properly breastfeed a baby according to the opinion of health and child experts? In this article we will explain some of the Correct Breastfeeding Methods that we summarize from various sources. Especially for those of you who have never breastfed before or have just given birth or are in the early stages of breastfeeding, we recommend that you also read our article on tips for breastfeeding newborns. Happy reading.

Comfortable Position
You need to know what is a comfortable position for breastfeeding. The position you use is not important as long as you and your baby are comfortable, relaxed, and your baby is able to hold onto your breast. You may find that the swing-bearing position or football-ball handle is the easiest to use so that you and your baby learn how to cuddle properly.

A good embrace
You need to know the importance of a good hug. Ensuring that your baby is holding her well is an important step in successful breastfeeding. Poor cuddling can lead to sore nipples, hungry baby, and reduced milk supply. If you have pain when your baby is in your breast (the discomfort doesn’t go away) maybe a bad cuddle is the problem. Gently remove your baby from the breast and start again. To release your baby from your breast and interrupt the suction, gently place a finger on the corner of your baby’s lips.

How to get babies to have a good cuddle:

  • Leave your baby naked. Blankets make it difficult for your baby to get close to hold them properly.
  • Turn your baby’s whole body towards you (tummy on)
  • Support your breasts with fingers free on the aerola (brown part)
  • Bring your nipple slightly high over your baby’s mouth.
  • Touch the baby’s lips with your breast to help him open his mouth wide.
  • Wait until your baby opens his mouth wide like a yawn.
  • Keep your baby close to you.
  • Place your hands on his shoulders, not his head.

Signs that the baby is already well held:

  • The initial cuddles can be painful but you shouldn’t feel pain in the nipple area. You may feel a jolt.
  • Your baby’s chin touches your breast and his nose is slightly away from the breast.
  • Your baby starts to suck. The cheeks will be full and round. If there are dimples on the cheeks, the baby may not be held properly.
  • While sucking, your baby may suckle quickly, then start more slowly, with short pauses. You may hear the baby swallow. You will hear more easily when your breastmilk increases.
  • Sometimes you hear your baby gulping, especially if your breast milk is abundant.
  • Your nipples appear rounded, not flat, when your baby releases the breast and.
  • Your nipples are not blistered or bleeding
  • You can’t easily slide your breasts off him.

That is our review on this occasion regarding The Correct Way of Breastfeeding in particular about a comfortable position and a good hug. A comfortable position and a good hug are the basics you should know about breastfeeding. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful and can add to our insight, especially for those of you young parents who have just been awarded a baby. Greetings always healthy!

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