What are the herbal medicines for diarrhea for children?

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Diarrhea is often experienced by children because of the large number of bacteria that enter the stomach and the entry of less hygienic food. Herbal medicine for diarrhea for children, of course, must have a good taste so that children want to consume it. This is not a difficult thing for you to do because there are many references that you can use. You can do various treatments, but herbal methods are the right choice because they are safer for children to consume as long as they are in the right dosage.

You can try a potent herbal medicine for diarrhea by consuming several ingredients, including salt, guava, banana, and turmeric. Salt can be made ORS by mixing it with unsweetened tea. Dissolve a little salt in 1 cup of warm tea water, stir until dissolved. Drink this solution in the morning and at night before bed. In no time, your child’s diarrhea will stop, and the stomach ulcers will also disappear. This herbal diarrhea remedy is certainly very easy to make, especially with all the ingredients in your kitchen.

The young guava does taste a little bitter, but its efficacy in stopping diarrhea is not in doubt. How to treat diarrhea in this way is very easy, just consume guava directly if the child wants it. However, to be more effective you can change it in the form of juice without sugar. Do not peel the skin for diarrhea herbal medicine young guava so that it is more optimal in stopping diarrhea. Consume it every day until the child’s condition improves as before.

Young bananas are also effective in dealing with diarrhea quickly. How to make a powerful herbal medicine for diarrhea with young bananas is to crush it and mix with a little salt. Just a little consumption is enough to improve metabolism in the stomach. Don’t force your child to consume too much because it will make him constipated later. The herbal medicine for diarrhea with turmeric is enough to smooth it with a little water and consume it little by little so that it is not too difficult to swallow.

That was our review regarding Herbal Diarrhea Medicines for Children. Hopefully the information above can be useful and add insight if your child has diarrhea problems. Good luck, healthy greetings always!

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