You Should Always be Wary of These Things if You Do Not Want to Have Stomach Cancer

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Stomach cancer is one of the most dangerous and most common forms of death. Many people do not realize that bad habits or more precisely bad lifestyle also contribute the percentage of a person can be affected by cancer. A study proves, the groups of people below are more likely to get stomach cancer compared to ordinary people:
  1. History of Chronic Stomach Disease and the Family History
    If you have ever had a family with stomach cancer, you need to be more careful. According to many studies, people who have a family history of cancer have a greater risk of the cancer. It seems that genetic factors remain the greatest determinant of a person’s likelihood of having a serious illness.
  2. Bad Diet
    People who often consume foods with excess salt or spicy need to be vigilant. In addition, if you belong in those who do not pay attention to food intake or if you are someone who often overeats, you should immediately stop doing these bad habits. Poor diet has a serious impact on gastric health, not only can add to the work system in the stomach, but also can cause some stomach-related diseases and even cancer.
  3. Cigarettes And Alcohol
    Alcohol can directly stimulate the spread of cancer cells, while cigarettes are not only harmful to the lungs, but also the stomach. When we talk about smokers at a young age, they are more susceptible to mutations in stomach cells or other digestive organs. The danger of smoking is more synonymous with problems in the lungs, but it turns out that smoking can also damage the digestive system and stomach. Nicotine levels in tobacco range from 1% – 4%, so in a single cigarette there is about 1.1 mg of nicotine. In addition to containing nicotine, tobacco cigarettes also contain other organic substances and various additives (addictive substances). Cigarettes can cause a variety of health problems not only related to respiratory tract only and even more dangerous, such as tongue cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and stomach cancer!
  4. Psychological Factors
    Bad mood and often moody can lead to cancer. The reason is that a bad mood, unwittingly, often magnifies the pressure on the abdomen. We must have an open mind, at least we can minimize some unnecessary health risks. Psychological factors in cancer patients can be seen from two points of view. Research on human personality concludes that there is a personality type called Type C Personality.

    The Type C Personality is described as a person who often resists or denies his/her emotions, especially the anger. People with personality like this of course often experiences “mental fatigue” end on depressed and helpless feelings. It can be said if combined with other risk factors, people with type C personality will be more at risk of suffering from cancer.

  5. Work environment
    If you work in an environment containing sulfuric acid, beware! Such environments simply affect the stomach in a bad direction. So, choosing a good work environment is highly recommended for health improvement.

We hope this article can make you realize that without you knowing it, you often involve a lot of trivial things that most of them tend to take you to cancer.

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